Get Infected with 'The Walking Dead'


For many of us, October 12th is circled on our calendars with a big fat Sharpie. Yes, that is the date of the season five premiere of The Walking Dead. If you have yet to see the trailer for the new season, be sure to head over the the Movies/TV section to check it out...if you're not all caught up, you know to avoid spoilers. Now, for those who have yet to watch the show at all, let The Walking Dead be the first thing Light Post recommends to you. Strongly.

There are plenty of shows currently on television that have their share of drama, but TWD takes it to another level. If you want to watch something that truly grabs you and pulls you in, then here you go. Part of the excitement that is TWD is you end up imagining yourself in these situations. Imagine if the zombie apocalypse actually did happen, what would you do? How do you survive? Would you be a loner or join a group? Could you trust anyone? Oh, the decisions!

But seriously, The Walking Dead is an amazing series. The show is filled with great intensity, high emotions, and plenty of gut-wrenching moments. Ask anyone who watches the show, and they'll tell you to jump on the zombie bandwagon. You won't be disappointed.


Now for you hardcore Dead Heads out there, just watching TWD isn't enough. You gotta own it! And if you're gonna own it, you might as well go all out and grab yourself the limited edition sets! The recent release of Season Four is the latest addition of TWD series.


Fans may remember the "tree walker" from the last season, which serves as the inspiration for this new collector's edition. When inserting the DVD package into the case, it causes the tree walker's head to turn and arm to raise. Creepy. If you're a fan of the series, this is definitely a cool collector's set to own. It would also make for a great gift for anyone who watches the show. So go ahead kids, make some room on the living room shelf.

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