Exclusive Video: Larry Vitalo Performs

Chicago's very own Larry Vitalo was kind enough to give us an exclusive, unplugged

performance on the first handmade cigar box ukelele he ever built. This is an untitled, original song. Enjoy!


Don't Lose These in the Dryer!

If wacky and crazy socks is one of your "things", then these socks from the Ashi Dashi Sock Company are definitely for you!

The Walking Dead - Bad Lip Reading (Seasons 1-3)

Fans of The Walking Dead will greatly appreciate this. Enjoy!

The Walking Dead - Bad Lip Reading (Season 4 - Part 1)

In case you didn't get enough the first time, here's some more! 

Wood You Believe It?

From his series entitled, From the Street, artist Tom Pfannerstill finds some worn down packaging of random items that were thrown away and recreates them...on wood.

Amazing Waves!

Clark Little, a photographer based in Hawaii, takes pictures of shortbreak waves from the inside out. Check it out!

It's a Sad Pug Mug!

Bread and Badger is the husband and wife team of Amanda and Sean Siska. They are based out of Portland, Oregon. Check out their stuff!